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The patent protected MARINOSOLV® platform enables novel stable aqueous formulations of hardly soluble compounds such as but not limited to corticosteroids, allowing a faster onset of action and a better bioavailability. Please contact us for further information. MARINOSOLV® might solve your drug formulation problem.

Marinomed has a track record of success with a marketed OTC product portfolio targeting viruses causing common cold. Several partnerships with renowned pharmaceutical companies are in place and products are available in all 5 continents. Limited rights for certain countries are still available. For parties interested in distribution of our OTC product portfolio please contact our BD&L for further information.

Marinomed is interested in talking to companies interested in the MAVIREX® technology platform for the generation of new, innovative anti-viral products. The platform can be used to improve existing therapies by adding anti-viral effectiveness. An example is the combination with the Neuraminidase Inhibitor Zanamivir that is scheduled to enter phase II trials in the next influenza season. The platform can generate value by extending product lifecycles with new combination therapies and strengthen portfolios of marketed products and development candidates.

The MAVIREX® and the MARINOSOLV® technology platform and products are covered by separate patent families.