Investors & Owners


During the short history of the company, Marinomed’s research and management team has already demonstrated its success in the research, development and marketing of its products. Marinomed has surpassed the expectations of its investors to date.


Foundation of Marinomed, Seed investment via aws, investment by Acropora


Capital raising by Acropora


First-time investment by ARAX Capital Partners (atypical silent partner)


Completion of a joint round of funding involving aws Mittelstandsfonds Beteiligungs GmbH & Co KG, Invest Unternehmensbeteiligungs AG, together with private investors from the management team and company environment


Change of company’s legal form to a stock corporation

Issue of a convertible bond with a conversion option in the event of an IPO


The founders and management team own around 46% of Marinomed, while the remaining shares are held by strategic investors or holding companies. ARAX Capital Partners is also an atypical silent partner in the business via three holding companies.