Products & Pipeline

Marinomed develops products on the basis of its technology platforms. Once they are approved for the market, the products are manufactured and sold by partners via licenses. The relevant segment of the pharmaceutical market – coughs, colds and allergies – is the second-largest category of OTC medicines. Experts project continued growth of around 5% per annum in this segment in the years ahead (Source: OTC YearBook 2018, Nicholas Hall & Companies).

Marinomed is ideally positioned thanks to its innovative, patent protected product portfolio and highly specialized sales partners. Accessing markets in other countries and forging new partnerships will create a whole host of growth opportunities. Additional products based on Carragelose® are in the development stage. This will ensure that Marinomed continues to supply the market for cold medicines with innovative products in future.

The Marinosolv® technology platform and the products derived from it will primarily be marketed via partners. Before entering into licensing agreements, the products shall ideally have achieved later stage milestones such as phase III or market approval. Marinomed has multiple products in the pipeline, targeting a variety of diseases including in gastrointestinal and further inflammatory diseases in the respiratory tract. The universality of this platform allows Marinomed to provide the technology itself under technology licenses, as well as the various products in different therapeutic areas and indications. First feasibility studies on solutions of compounds for third parties are already underway.