Share & Key figures

Marinomed Biotech AG has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1 February 2019. The shares are listed in the Prime Market segment and included in the ATX Prime Index.

Share data
Share class No-par bearer shares
Nominal capital EUR 1,496,287 (1,496,287 no-par value shares)
Ticker symbol MARI
Issue price (IPO) on 1.2.2019 EUR 75.00
Market capitalization (at issue price) EUR 97.4 Mio.

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Intron Health (Naresh Chouhan)

FMR/Oddo Seydler (Mohamad Vaseghi) 

Stifel Europe Bank AG (Dr. Daniel Grigat)

Selected key financial figures
in EUR Mio. 2021 2020 2019
Revenues 11.63 8.12 6.14
Operating result (EBIT) -4.14 -5.82 -6.21
Loss for the year -5.89 -6.01 -7.22
Cash and cash equivalents per 31.12. 5.80 9.21 12.02
Balance sheet total per 31.12. 21.34 23.50 19.50
Net cash flow -3.40 -2.81 10.30