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About us

Marinomed has the vision to transform the lives of people suffering from diseases with limited or no treatment options in two key therapeutic areas: virology and immunology. Driven by curiosity, patented technologies, and a deep understanding of the underlying science, we uncover unconventional paths no one has gone before.

Strategy & Mission

Therapeutic Areas

With passion for patients and science, we are developing therapies for indications in the field of viral infectious diseases and autoreactive immune disorders.




Marinomed develops medicinal products and medical devices to help patients combat viral infectious diseases and autoreactive immune disorders.

Business Development



Marinomed is proud of its track record of successful product and drug development in viral and immunological diseases. As it is our ambition to transform the lives of patients, we seek to work with strategic partners that join us on this journey.

Investors & ESG

Marinomed is listed on the prime market segment of the Vienna stock exchange since February 2019.


Börsenradio interview with CEO Andreas Grassauer (25.08.2022)

CEO Andreas Grassauer talks about the half-year figures of Marinomed Biotech AG with record sales.