Marinomed at a Glance

Marinomed Biotech AG is a biopharmaceutical company focused on inventing, developing, and partnering clinically meaningful therapies for patients suffering from serious viral infectious diseases and autoreactive immune disorders. Our business model is based on what we do best: validating innovative approaches, preclinical and clinical drug development, and out-licensing. In successful collaborations, we leverage what our pharmaceutical partners do best: clinical development, regulatory affairs and commercialization. Marinomed has received multiple prestigious research awards for its activities.

Since its foundation in 2006, Marinomed has launched two powerful technologies with great potential for treating viral diseases, and immune disorders. An active pipeline with both Carragelose®- and Marinosolv®-based candidates has successfully proven the value of these technologies in respiratory viral and allergy indications, respectively. 

The Marinosolv® solubilization technology enhances the efficacy and bioavailability of hardly water-soluble compounds. This innovative technology has the potential to sustainably change a number of therapies for indications in the field of autoreactive immune disorders. The flagship product Budesolv (solubilized Budesonide) for the treatment of allergic rhinitis has successfully completed a pivotal Phase 3 clinical study and has been outlicensed to a first partner for the development and marketing in Greater China.

Marinomed also offers Solv4U technology partnerships based on its patented-protected Marinosolv® technology to support pharmaceutical companies in formulation development for hydrophobic small-molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in all stages of drug discovery.

The virology segment includes Carragelose®-based over-the-counter products for the prophylaxis and therapy of viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, which are partnered in more than 40 countries with international partners. In addition, Marinomed is developing drugs based on iota-carrageenan for various serious viral infectious diseases.