Marinomed’s aim is to achieve long term profitability via the exploitation and commercialization of a strong technology portfolio. Marinomed is already generating revenues from the Carragelose® platform and the sale of its products. During the company’s short history, the Marinomed team has already demonstrated its success in the research, development and marketing of its products.


Lean business model

Marinomed develops biopharmaceutical products on the basis of its technology platforms. After obtaining approval (or a declaration of conformity for medical devices), Marinomed’s products are manufactured and sold via partners and licenses. By outsourcing the cost intensive components of the value chain, Marinomed has achieved a lean, asset light business model in tandem with strong growth.

The products are manufactured by various providers in western Europe on behalf of Marinomed. Its sales partners, most of which are well-known pharmaceutical firms, obtain licenses from Marinomed to sell its products for individual geographical regions. Involving relatively little expenditure, this approach enables the company to supervise and organize 14 partners in selling its products in more than 40 countries spanning five continents.