Short facts

Active ingredient Carragelose®
Indication Viral infection of the upper and lower respiratory tract
Development phase Clinical studies
Classification Medical device

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MAM-1001-1/Inhaleen is an inhalable formulation of Carragelose, which is a polymer extracted from red seaweed that forms a protective layer on mucosal surfaces. Carragelose has been well-established as broad-spectrum virus-blocking compound used in a marketed OTC product portfolio for the treatment of viral respiratory infections and has been shown to effectively inhibit a wide range of respiratory viruses. Inhaleen is intended to treat viral respiratory infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract. By inhaling Carragelose, it is possible to utilize its broadly active virus-blocking effect in an area that could not previously be reached with a nasal spray.

The goal is to develop inhalable Carragelose that can be used with standard inhalation devices, both in the hospital and at home by the patient. This inhalable form of Carragelose can be used to treat all areas from the throat to the bronchi to the lungs and protect against progressive viral infection.

Viral respiratory infections are often not limited to the nose and throat area but can also manifest in the lower areas of the upper respiratory tract (throat and vocal cords) and in the lower respiratory tract (the area below the vocal cords, via the bronchi to the lungs). Also in the lower respiratory tract, a wide variety of virus groups such as coronaviruses (like SARS-CoV-2), respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, metapneumovirus, influenza virus, and many more, can cause infection, all resulting in similar clinical outcomes. Lower respiratory tract infection can lead to bronchitis, bronchiolitis, or pneumonia, and the pathogen causing the disease often is not identified.

Lower respiratory tract infections belong to the top five leading causes of death and remained the world’s most deadly communicable disease globally according to WHO. The highest burden is observed in the very young, the very old, and in patients with chronic medical conditions, irrespective of virus family.

Currently approved therapies for viral respiratory infections act mainly systemically and are administered as tablets or infusion. These therapies can have a number of side effects and are often not suitable for all patient groups. In addition, they are also prone interactions with other drugs or the emergence of viral resistance. A broadly effective antiviral medication for treating viral respiratory diseases is currently not available.

The inhalable virus-blocking Carragelose formulation is a completely new approach to treat viral infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract locally. Carragelose has a physical mechanism of action that is broadly effective against various respiratory viruses. In addition, the side effect profile is also very favourable.

  • Clinically validated, excellent safety profile
  • Locally acting
  • Broadly active virus-blocking compound